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Your VPN Gets Banned in 2021, or Streaming Suffers from Buffering? What is the Best VPN to Use for Netflix

2020 will eventually come to an end no matter how bad it is for you. You’ll embrace the new year of 2021.

Perhaps it’s impossible for you to stay with your family during the coming holidays, but you still can or should enjoy yourself. Lots of TV series will be available on Netflix in December and you deserve a relaxing holiday with them.

However, Netflix streaming isn’t always so smooth. The leading issues when streaming Netflix include geological restrictions, buffering, slow speed, etc.

Why Netflix Subscribers Need a VPN in 2021?

The top reason Netflix subscribers use a VPN lies in their motivation to protect their online security and privacy. By hiding the IP address, a VPN is able to protect Netflix users’ streaming data against hackers and prying eyes. In addition, with a VPN used, their billing information will be also well protected. Therefore, not only Netflix streaming but all streaming platform users also need a VPN, like Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, etc.

Another reason why Netflix users need a VPN is that they want to have a long catalog of videos. Different content is distributed in different places for the protection of copyrights, according to Netflix officials. However, US Netflix has the largest selection of content. That’s why almost all the people using VPN to watch Netflix aim to have access to American Netflix. The video content provided in other parts of the world except for the US only accounts for a small part of it in the US. For example, the video content provided by UK Netflix only accounts for one-third of that in the US.

To use a VPN to watch Netflix isn’t equal to depending on an illegitimate way to take advantage of a bug or something. If the blame must be laid, it is on unfair Netflix resources around the world. For example, when a yearly Netflix user, a housewife, living in Japan would like to watch Lost Girl, she could do nothing but to wait for Lost Girl to be unblocked in the future. Another example, when an American student studying overseas don’t want to miss the hot show, nobody can solve the problem but a VPN. It’s especially difficult to stream Netflix because, on one hand, Netflix is blocked by school WiFi and on the other hand, a limited bandwidth is seen at school, failing to support streaming videos.

BitVPN-How to Unblock School WiFi in 2020

A VPN is able to hide your real IP address and you’re allowed to locate yourself at any place around the world by connecting your device with a VPN server. In addition, a VPN can help you to bypass geolocation restrictions to have access to US Netflix sources. No matter where you are, in Europe, Asia, or South America, you’re allowed to watch movies or shows that are exclusive in the US.

Nobody wants to stream Netflix with buffering or low speed. However, it always occurs. On one hand, your ISP possibly throttle your bandwidth and your network runs so slow. That means, not only Netflix buffering, but any content on your network will become slowed down. On the other hand, if Netflix is geologically restricted in other countries like China, it’s worse than buffering since Netflix can’t be opened there at all. However, a VPN is capable of getting the issues solved. The encrypted tunnel provided by VPN is useful to boost your streaming speed and stop buffering due to the nonexistence of throttling.

A VPN Unblocks Netflix Ban

BitVPN allows users to have access to all online content at any time and place.

Why Your VPN Gets Banned by Netflix in 2021?

“Whoops, something went wrong…Streaming Error”. Is it familiar to you?

As early as 2016, a VPN ban was published by Netflix, blocking VPN, and Smart DNS service. By January of 2017, many VPNs fail to be used for Netflix. Undoubtedly, Netflix released a VPN ban due to the regulation of its content strategy called territorial licensing that defines the fact that a distributor sells the rights to their content to a streaming service in the country instead of earning a flat fee for a universal license.

However, it’s truly unfair for Netflix subscribers who have already purchased its service when they can’t watch some videos just because of their geolocation.

That doesn’t make sense.

How does Netflix VPN Ban Work?

The Netflix VPN ban works by blacklisting some “suspicious” IP addresses. Once a server is labeled as being correlated with a VPN, it’ll be blacklisted by Netflix.

As soon as an IP address or an IP block is shared by multiple users instead of a family, the Netflix server will automatically block the service for the IP address.

How to Beat Netflix VPN Ban in 2021?

Although VPN is blocked by Netflix, you still can hear the stories that some VPNs successfully beat the Netflix VPN ban. That’s obtainable.

There’s no way to beat the Netflix VPN ban but to use VPN. A VPN can do the following:

breaking netflix vpn ban
Bypassing Internet Censorship

VPNs can hide your IP address by leading your devices to relate to the Internet through any server around the world. As a result, your real location won’t be captured by your local government so no restrictions can be laid on your device. To access Netflix US, you can choose a Netflix US exclusive server provided by a VPN provider and your real location won’t be known by Internet Service Provider.

Protecting Online Security and Privacy

A VPN provides an encrypted tunnel through which your devices get connected with the Internet without your Internet Service Provider’s knowledge since your IP address is well hidden. Moreover, the encryption stops you from data breaches or identity theft. By the way, your online security and privacy can never be ignored as you stay online.

Choose a VPN that Really Works

Whether a VPN really works won’t be known unless it’s used.

Apart from Avoiding the Ban, What Else Makes the Best VPN for Netflix Users in 2021?

It’s meaningless to directly provide you a list with the name “Best VPNs for Netflix in 2020” because everyone knows it’s mostly an ad. However, you should be aware of what contributes to a VPN that works well on Netflix watching.

Therefore, a VPN to use for Netflix should conform to the following requirement:

US Netflix Accessible

There’s no doubt this requirement tops the list because it clarifies why a VPN is essentially used when you watch Netflix. It should allow you to access US Netflix wherever you are.

High Connection Speed and Image Quality with No Buffering

Buffering, interruptions, and videos timing out usually upset you most as you’re watching a video. Streaming Netflix in HD calls for up to 3000MB (3GB) per hour and Netflix in 4K will use more. Therefore, big data is required as Netflix is being watched. Although you can speed up your VPN connection speed through some easy tips, the server count and VPN technology determine how fast a VPN can bring you towards Netflix.

Protecting Your Online Privacy

Users’ online security and privacy can never be neglected. A VPN capable to beat the Netflix ban should ask the least for users’ personal information and protect them from being attacked by a phishing email or any type of online risk.

Compatible with Numerous Devices

Compatibility with numerous devices allows Netflix users to enjoy streaming in any gesture at any place.

How to Use BitVPN to Unblock Netflix VPN Ban to Enjoy All Netflix Content in 2021?

decentralized vs centralized 1200

As a decentralized VPN, BitVPN is created based on blockchain technology, not only playing a part as ordinary VPNs like unblocking Internet restrictions or hiding IP addresses but also features extraordinarily high cybersecurity.

Step#1. Choose the right BitVPN software and download it on your device.

Step#2. Successfully install it on your device.

Step#3. Open BitVPN, choose a US server and connect it with your device.

Step#4. Open Netflix and enjoy all TV shows and movies exclusively for the US.


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