how to tell if someone is spying on my phone

How to Tell if Someone is Spying on My Phone and How to Stop That

We have to face a fact that too much of your personal information is left on your smartphone. No one denies that.

Too many activities you’ve been doing on your smartphone directly or indirectly expose your personal information to the Internet such as emails, texts, calls, social media, voicemails, video chat and so much more.

Have you ever considered being spied by anyone else through your phone? Maybe you think it ridiculous because you are not the one worth spying on.

But you’re very wrong.

how to tell if someone is spying on my phone

You’re more worth spying than you think.

There is too much information on your cell phone worth spying on.

Your business-related information

Is there any important business-related information stored in your phone? Is there any important information included in your email? Then, that’ll be worth spying. The spy possibly comes from a competitor of your business or any party concerning your business.

Your money in your bank account

Have you ever transferred money through your online bank service on your smartphone? If so, your bank account information will be possibly spied on to be able to steal.

Your identity information

Even if you have no important business-related information or online bank account, your identity may be their target. Why students tend to be top victims of online scamming? Apparently, students have neither much money in their bank account nor business-related information but they have identities with high excellent credits that is also a hot target for online scammers.

How to tell if someone is spying on your phone?

Although your phone is probably being spied, there are still some warning signs you should pay attention to so that you’re able to stop that in time.

High data usage is abruptly caused.

If your monthly data usage becomes abruptly high while your online habits keep unchanged, your phone is possibly being spied.

Some scammers spy on devices based on spyware apps that steal personal information based on device users’ online activities and send the data to servers belonging to scammers, costing much data. Therefore, higher data usage is caused than usual if your device is being spied.

Your phone shows signs of activity in lock-screen mode.

Generally speaking, as your smartphone stays at a lock-screen mode, the screen is black unless a message, call, or notification is received. If your smartphone’s screen lights up with no messages, calls or notifications received, it indicates your device is probably spied.

Unexpected reboots are made.

If your smartphone suffers from reboots that are not planned or programmed, your smartphone is possibly spied. Unexpected reboots indicate that someone has remote access to your device and reboot it.

Weird sounds are heard during calls.

If weird sounds are heard as you’re making a call, it indicates that someone is spying on your device. In addition, unstable calling is received can be seen if your smartphone is being spied.

Strange text messages are received.

If you receive text messages with odd characters or offensive messages, it indicates that someone is spying on your smartphone. The messages with odd characters may derive from spyware, ransomware or malware that is installed on your device.

Device battery is quickly consumed.

The battery consumption reflects the internal state of a device. If your smart device’s battery is quickly consumed and the application habits keep unchanged, it’s possible that virus or spyware is rooted in your device.

Your smartphone is always hot.

If your device suffers from a high temperature even when it stays at an idle mode, it’s possible that some software like spyware is working behind the screen. As it’s working behind the screen, battery needs to be still consumed so that it feels hot in temperature.

Your smartphone takes longer time to shut down than before.

If your smartphone is infected by spyware, it will be working behind screen from time to time or without any halt. As you shut down your smartphone, longer time is needed because more applications should be shut down, taking longer time. If your smartphone suddenly calls for longer time to be shut down, your smartphone is probably infected by spyware.

Your smartphone runs relatively slowly.

All spywares will slow down your smartphone. As a spyware works behind the screen, it collects your personal information and sends it back to spyware servers, which costs a large number of efforts on a smartphone.

How to stop my smartphone from being spied on?

Since there are warning signs indicating that someone may be spying on your smartphone, there are solutions helping you to stop smartphone from being spied on.

Keep alert all the time

Since you spend lots of time on smartphone every day, any change that occurs to your smartphone should be noticed and realized. If any of the above signs takes place to your smartphone, you should be alert and make necessary measures immediately.

Use a VPN

A VPN fails to kill spyware on your smartphone but it certainly boosts the “immunity system” of your smartphone. A VPN protects your online activities from being tracked and monitored by providing an encrypted tunnel for your traffic alone to go through.

Never Too Late to Get a VPN

A VPN is the easiest way to protect your online activities from being leaked.

Stop unwanted robocalls and scam messages

Not to stop smartphone from being spied alone, it’s necessary to stop unwanted robocalls and scam messages. Robocalls, scam messages and phishing emails usually contain spywares or malwares that will be automatically rooted in your device as soon as the messages are clicked.

Delete apps from phone in a secure way

If you find some apps that are suspicious of spyware container, it’s first and foremost to delete that app from your phone in a secure way. Make sure the app has been deleted from your phone completely.

Secure your data when using IOT devices

As devices are connected with each other with the Internet, it’ll be risky for your personal information to be exposed to more people. You should secure your data when using IOT devices to minimize the risk of spying.


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