BitVPN-How to Unblock School WiFi in 2020

Back to School Must-Do: Learn to Unblock School WiFi Restrictions and Bypass School Firewall in 2021

In order to provide a good learning atmosphere for students and a focused working environment for teaching faculties, schools and colleges set bans and a firewall is used on several websites as school WiFi is used. However, for college students, it is really inconvenient if the school WiFi blocks social media sites and applications, and websites to get information from.

College students now actively call for constructive educational and professional pursuits as well. They might need to discuss a school task with a friend over Facebook chat, or maybe there is a movie version of a literature work they just need to watch on Netflix. In such situations, unblocking school WiFi restrictions and bypassing school firewalls is a necessity.

BitVPN-How to Unblock School WiFi in 2020

Why Restrictions are Set for Students When School WiFi is Used?

Although the Internet is a must-have tool for school students who need to search for information for paper or research, a lot of issues will be met by schools if a completely open Internet is provided. For example, schools don’t expect students to distract their attention to something boring so social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat are forbidden to access at school. In addition, some sensitive website content is also blocked such as pornography.

Internet censorship stops school students from entering some websites and partial content online. As a result, students can only access websites that are beneficial for their studies. However, it’s not accurate to determine whether a website is beneficial for students or not. Sometimes, even YouTube and Facebook can be also important resources for students’ study, which is especially necessary for those majoring in politics or sociology.

Therefore, it’s not students’ fault to accept such restrictions and students are also at an age when they can make judgments on some issues in a responsible way. Moreover, social media is the key communication between students and young people should have their own communication style and media that should not be banned.

Get a VPN to Unblock School WiFi Restrictions

How Can School WiFi Block the Websites?

Your IP Address

Websites are blocked by denying users access based on their IP address. Each computer system has a unique IP address associated with it. When you are accessing the Internet from your school or college, the entire network falls under the general IP address format. Therefore, you are denied access to various websites blocked by the institution.

Your Browsing History

Whenever you connect to Wi-Fi on campus, from any device, your school knows exactly which websites you are visiting, which game you are interested in, which comment you are posting, or even which product you are purchasing. So basically, all your online activities when connecting to school WiFi can be monitored by your school. Social networking sites, for example, are often the top websites banned by school Wifi.

So now you can know your school WiFi is always tracing you. Except for the bans, school WiFi is not as secure as you might think because you’re connected to the same WiFi as thousands of other students. Therefore, School WiFi networks are attractive targets for snoops and hackers because so many different students use them that they never run out of new targets. They can snoop on the traffic and get all your social media accounts, credit card numbers, email passwords, etc.

Use a Firewall to Block You to All Internet

It’s a simple and direct way to control students’ access to the Internet by using a firewall at school. No matter where students want to go on the Internet at school, a firewall is there, stopping them from getting past.

How to Unblock Your School WiFi in 2021?

The direct way to unblock your school WiFi is to hide your IP address. There are mainly two ways to hide IP address:

Connect to a Proxy Server

A proxy server can make it seem like you’re not actually accessing a blocked site. As soon as you set up your web browser to connect to a proxy, your internet traffic will be routed to a proxy server. Your internet connection goes through a middleman server so that websites and other online resources see the proxy server’s IP address and not your own. However, it requires a fast speed of network while schools don’t have the fastest networks. Also, it requires technical skills to use a proxy, which might be difficult for students to configure.

Connect to a VPN (Recommended)

The Virtual Private Network, or VPN, changes your IP address, so you no longer appear to be accessing websites from your school or college. When you connect to a VPN, your IP address is masked with another one from the server. As a result, your location becomes concealed from the websites and services you use – they only see the location of the server you’re using! This way, you can access Facebook or Twitter and unblock YouTube or Netflix.

Based on the comparison between Proxy and VPN, you can choose either of them to unblock school WiFi. However, a VPN is more secure and easier to use than a Proxy.

What Makes a Good VPN for Unblocking School WiFi in 2021?

Mask Your IP Address

When connected to school WiFi in different areas on campus, the IP address will be different. A good VPN will hide your IP address so your real location won’t be exposed to your school or hackers. In addition, a VPN should enable the anonymity of your browsing websites. Therefore, the risks of browsing will be decreased.

Protect Your Security

As it is mentioned above, your school WiFi is a favorite for snoopers and hackers. Students spend most of their time on campus, so entering the websites or social apps with your account number and password is inevitable. A Great VPN is able to encrypt the connection between your devices and the VPN server, making it really difficult for hackers to intercept your data or steal your information.

As more VPNs enter the market in recent years, some scandals are also exposed that users’ data are leaked by some VPN providers. Just like what is said in a Twitter post by @BitVPN, it’s humiliating to see such news in the field of VPN.

Users’ data go through an encrypted tunnel created by VPN to bypass website restrictions. If the data is leaked by the encrypted tunnel, the VPN should be seriously blamed. That shouldn’t take place. Therefore, before determining to choose a VPN, you’d better read its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so as to know about what the provider can and can’t do.

Have Specific Access

A well-performed VPN should be fit for users’ specific requirements. What exactly do you use your VPN for? To play an online game? To unblock social media sites? Or to stream on Netflix? You’re suggested to choose a VPN that works specifically for you. For example, if you play online games a lot using a VPN, then you should choose a VPN with a Game server or PUBG server that is capable of providing you high speed compatibility with the online game requirements.

High Internet Connection Speed

Nothing can be stood but low connection speed when a VPN is used. Currently, people have little patience for everything. If a VPN features a low connection speed or leads you to suffer from the slow running of streaming videos, it can’t be stood or forgiven. Therefore, it’s optimal to test the connection speed of a VPN before your real decision. Most VPNs allow 3 or 7 days free trial with a money-back guarantee and connection speed is a key element to test.

Of course, the VPN connection speed is correlated with so many elements and you’re suggested to exclude exterior elements as a test is being implemented.

Compatible with Different Devices

Most students have at least two devices at hand. A great VPN should be compatible with different devices. So, you can connect all your devices to unblock school websites.

Why BitVPN?

Decentralized VPN, No Possibility for Users’ Data

Compatible with Different Devices

Fast Connection Speed & a Large Number of VPN Servers

Free & Unlimited data

Easy to Setup and Configuration


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