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How to Watch the Super Bowl LV Live from Anywhere in 2021

Super Bowl LV (the 55th Super Bowl) will be played on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 with its kickoff set for 6:30 p.m. ET. Have you circled your calendars for Super Bowl LV? Are you looking forward to the big game of the year?

Then, it would be a disappointing thing if you missed such a big event. Here’s a guide on how to watch the Super Bowl LV live from anywhere in 2021.

how to watch super bowl lv live from anywhere 2021 1200

Where and How to Watch the Super Bowl LV Live in 2021?

For those staying in the US

You can watch the Super Bowl game both on TV and through the Internet.

The game will be broadcast by CBS and it’ll be available on CBS sports channel on TV.

You can also watch it for FREE on, the CBS Sports App and CBS All Access. By the way, also provides you the latest news concerning the Super Bowl LV in 2021. So, it’s a good idea to bookmark it.

For those staying outside the US

If you unfortunately stay outside the US during the big game, then you won’t be allowed to watch it on TV, naturally. But you still can watch the Super Bowl game on the Internet. However, restrictions may be posed to CBS websites and it’s right time to use a VPN to break the restrictions.

Choose a US server and get it connected and you’ll be able to enjoy all the online content exclusively for the US.

What Kind of VPN is Best Fit for Super Bowl LV Streaming?

Since there are so many VPNs on the market, which one should be selected for your Super Bowl streaming should be carefully considered even though VPN premium won’t cost you a lot (like BitVPN premium costs you only $3.99/month).

Before using a VPN, the following elements should be considered:

Speed and Stability

Speed is the top requirement for a VPN when it is used to stream videos. No one enjoys a video with buffering and delays during the process of watching. The speed of a VPN is determined by the number of servers. Generally speaking, the more geological locations are covered, the higher speed a VPN will bring forward. When it comes to BitVPN Premium, custom servers are prepared for streaming, providing the highest streaming speed.

Unblock Censorship and Break Geological Restrictions

The essential aim to use a VPN for the big game of a year lies in its capability to unblock censorship and break geological restrictions. Therefore, it shouldn’t be selected if it fails to meet the requirement.

Security at the Top

Another reason for a VPN lies in its role as a guard protecting your online data and privacy. When it comes to the decentralized VPN, BitVPN, your data will be secure from head to toe as you keep it on while browsing the Internet. The decentralization BitVPN conforms to uses multiple nodes on the Internet so that all your data from your device to the Internet are scattered to different nodes in an encrypted way and no one can get the complete information. A centralized VPN may leak your data, which has been reported while a decentralized VPN will never do.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Watch the Super Bowl LV Live with BitVPN from Anywhere in 2021

Step#1. Download and Install BitVPN on your device.

BitVPN is compatible with smartphone, PC, desktop and tablets with operating systems of iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Step#2. Register a BitVPN account and get a Premium service.

You should know BitVPN protects your privacy from the “root” since a username, instead of your email is required as you register for an account.

Step#3. Connect with a US server or Streaming Server.

Now, you can enjoy the Super Bowl big game!

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