how to stream brooklyn 99 for free

How to Stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine Online for Free?

Watching a good sitcom on sofa with wild laughter is heaven. If you are a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you will not agree with it more. It is an incredibly popular show to stream. You cannot miss it, which is especially true as the tips of how to stream it online for free are known.

how to stream brooklyn 99 for free

What Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine About?

Based on the introduction deriving from Wikipedia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police procedural comedy television series. The series revolves around Jake Peralta, an immature but talented NYPD detective in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct, who often comes into conflict with his new commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt. While based in the workplace, the series is not really about the job – it’s about the men and women behind the badge.

Up to now, 7 seasons have been produced and published continuously on numerous platforms.

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How to Stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Free?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is now available on different platforms and how to watch it on them will be introduced below. Moreover, how to stream it for free will be especially dug out.


Up to now, the overall 7 seasons, 143 episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have been available on Hulu. To watch them free of charge, you can select Hulu’s Free Trial for 1 month. Of course, this is for new subscribers only. If you’re an effective streamer, 1 month is enough for you to complete all episodes. Even though you can’t finish them within the time, a $5.99/month plan won’t be a burden either.


Up to now, only two seasons (Season 6 and 7) with 31 episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are available on NBC. Good news, they’re totally free of charge. For me, unfortunately, the playing definition of NBC is not high enough. If you strive for high definition, NBC is possibly not what you want.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available on many international platforms of Netflix, including Netflix UK, Netflix Australia, and Netflix Canada. However, the specific seasons and episodes differ from region to region and you should refer to the local list that is available. You can use VPN to break local restrictions to stream Netflix list outside your country. The same as Hulu, Netflix provides free trial lasting for 30 days.

Amazon Prime Video

The overall 7 seasons, 143 episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are available on Amazon prime video. Unfortunately, they’re not free on Amazon while each episode calls for a charge that differs by image definition. So, HD features higher prices than SD.

How to Stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine Outside the US?

Apart from the US, Brooklyn Nine-Nine can be streamed at other places outside the US as well. The stream guide is provided below.

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How to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the UK

To watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the UK, two options are available, Netflix and Amazon prime video. Up to now, the overall 7 seasons are all available on the above two platforms. If you’re staying outside the UK for some reason, you can use a VPN to break local restrictions to watch UK exclusive videos.

How to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Canada

For Canadians loving Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can watch it on Citytv. Yes, that’s a cable TV. To abandon the inconvenience, you can use the website version to watch after a successful subscription. Apart from Citytv, you can enjoy Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix Canada, or iTunes. If you stay outside Canada, you can rely on VPN to bypass local restrictions to enjoy Canada’s exclusive episodes.

How to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Australia

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans from Australia are so fortunate that they can stream it either on Netflix Australia or through free-to-air SBS that keeps the same upgrading speed with the channels in the US. In addition, the Netflix subscription fee in Australia is quite low, which is a huge benefit for the fans living in Australia. If you happen to be outside Australia, you can use a VPN to beat the local ban to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Australia exclusive tunnel.


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