how much do you think about working from home forever

Work from Home Forever? What Do You Think?

Based on BuzzFeed News, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently emailed employees telling them that they’d be allowed to work from home permanently, even after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown passes. Different from the other tech giants like Facebook and Google that claimed remote work will be ended until 2021, Twitter picked up a permanent option, that is, working from home forever.

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has forced many corporations to switch to employees’ working from home in order to minimize economic loss due to COVID-19 lockdowns. On the other side, working from home can be actually and totally ready and coronavirus just gives an acceleration. After all, as soon as the corporations decided to let their employees work from home, little time for preparation was used, which means that current technology and Internet situation has totally met the demands of working from home.

how much do you think about working from home forever

Advantages of Working from Home

Working from Home Advantages for Employees
Saving Time

It’s quite natural that commuting accounts for a large part of the time when people go to office work. If workers live far from their office, commuting will be such torture. Commuting by bus or subway isn’t as relaxing as traveling while the only scene you can see is crowding people and multiple shoes. Driving to work costs much, that is, gasoline and parking. If people are allowed to do their jobs from home, they don’t need to get up to catch up on the early bus or avoid rush hour. Without commuting, working-from-home employees can spend the time doing more instead that was used for commuting only.

Spending More Time with Family

Staying at home for work gives people more time to stay with their family. It has to be admitted although coronavirus pandemic causes the world big trouble and disasters, it’s made people better understand the significance of family to them. Before the virus, people always strive to work hard just to earn money as much as they can. Health, mind, and family relationship have to be compromised to their jobs. After suffering from coronavirus, people, especially those that have recovered from it, begin to care more about their health and their relationship with their families.

Increasing Income

If working from home becomes a permanent trend in the future, employees can expect higher income because they are allowed to do more part-time jobs due to the high flexibility of working from home. The increasing number of corporations supporting working from home jobs also provides employees more access to remote jobs.

Working from Home Advantages for Employers
Cost Reduction

For a business entity, fundamental fees including office rental, electricity, and water account for a large part. When employees are required to work from their home, however, the fees mentioned above can be saved. For human resources, all talents from the world can be recruited here if geological restrictions are broken. In terms of the payment for the labor force, the cost for human resources can be also saved because local income principles are applied. For example, the labor cost differs a lot between a developed country and in a developing country.

Efficiency Improvement

Since the early outbreak of coronavirus, BitVPN staff have been working from their home. After all, increasing demand for VPN is called for when remote work is quite applied by companies around the world. Teresa, the marketing director of BitVPN, said “I find a higher working efficiency when we work from home. In offices, my time is usually distributed to deal with multiple meetings and conferences. Face-to-face contact usually doesn’t set a rigorous limit, however. When online video conference is used, the meeting becomes so focused that our working efficiency goes well up.”

What Preparations Should Be Made for Working from Home?

To better work from home, some preparations must be made to go smoothly on it.

First, tell your family about your working from home.

Your work generally has little to do with your family unless you need to do your job at home. First, you should inform your family that you’re going to work from home every day. That is especially important to your children because they only know you’re their father or mother, irrelevant to any work stuff. Second, prepare a fixed room as your office specifically for your work. Therefore, you’ll be isolated from family stuff as you focus on your job. Remember the BBC Dad that was interrupted during his work? It would possibly happen to you if you didn’t set a specialized office for your remote work. Then, specify your schedule as you work at home. Although there’s no need for daily check-in like what happens in an office, it’s necessary to specify your schedule that should be shared with your colleagues and family so that other parties will be able to better cooperate with you for better results of your job.

Second, prepare the necessary tools for remote work.

Even though hardware requirements may be decreased due to the location flexibility of working from home, some tools are still necessary if you expect a similar working effect with office. For your real-time connection with colleagues, you need to download and install some Apps for instant communication like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Sometimes, you need to make international calls, what you need is Dingtone, a free international calling App that has been popular for years. Besides, faxing machines aren’t easily obtained at home or near your home but faxing is usually needed as you need to confirm your approval by signature. Therefore, a mobile faxing App is what you should go for as it allows you to scan, edit, and send a file out, which is so convenient.

Third, pay especially high attention to your online security and privacy protection while working from home.

Online security and privacy risk may be the only disadvantage of working from home, I think. Corporations usually apply high-level cybersecurity measures and tools to stop corporate data from being monitored or snooped. However, the family network doesn’t usually have such a high level of cybersecurity measures. As your PC or laptop is used for both your work and personal life, your privacy will be more possibly compromised than before. Some online security and privacy protection tips should be conformed to while working from home to protect your personal information from being monitored or hacked.

For example, as you use Zoom for videoconference, remember to use virtual background so that your personal life won’t be exposed to the internet. In addition, your IP address should be well hidden so that your online activities won’t be tracked. If remote workers appropriately use cybersecurity tip, their online security and privacy will be better protected.

Are You Ready to Work from Home?

Accept it or not? Working from home is around the corner. After the forced trial due to the coronavirus pandemic, working from home may be a real trend of future jobs. Let’s see and join it!

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