How to Get Internet Access In Iran?

Following the recent protests over a sharp increase in fuel prices, the Iranian authorities decided to enforce a nationwide internet shutdown on last Saturday. As the internet blackout approaches a week, the incident has already triggered widespread concern all over the world. The internet shutdown has been particularly disturbing for the Iranians living or travelling abroad as they have remained cut off from their families and friends back home since almost a week.

“Like most Iranians, we have a family WhatsApp group. My grandmother, when she gets up for her morning prayers at around 5 am, always starts the day by wishing us a good morning “under the care of God.” The group has now been silent for 3 days and it eats me from the inside,” mentions an Iranian living abroad.

Technically speaking, the term internet blackout refers to a situation where the people of a country or region are restricted from using the internet. This is enforced mostly by the authorities in response to an emergency situation or socio-political unrest with the intention of preventing the sharing of information with the outside world. In countries such as Iran, authorities have strict control over the traditional media and the use of the internet is often considered to be threat for the authorities.

In today’s perspective, an internet blackout can have an extremely devastating impact on common people. One of the best ways to bypass an internet shutdown is to use a VPN. Renowned VPN service provider BitVPN has stood in solidarity with the Iranian people at this crisis period and has been helping them go online by masking the location of the users.

“Using a VPN will make sure your data cannot be read by the government. A VPN will also let you bypass the restrictions set by the government. During the partial shutdown, access to the international internet has been cut off. But when you use a reliable VPN such as BitVPN, you’ll be able to visit the internet again.” said a spokesperson from BitVPN.

“BitVPN has always been a proponent of internet freedom.This’s why we are offering extra traffic to them for completely free so that they would be able to communicate and spread their words out. Just open BitVPN and connect it, you will be able to go online right away.” the spokesperson added.

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