BitVPN Assures Users of Data Privacy following Recent Accusations against TikTok

TikTok has recently been accused of harvesting huge amounts of user data of personally identifiable nature and sending them to China. Popular VPN service BitVPN, however, informed that all its users are absolutely safe because of its decentralized data structure.

A popular app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos, TikTok has recently hit the headlines for wrong reasons. It has been alleged that TikTok has been involved in illegal harvesting of personally identifiable user data and sending those data to China. Along with TikTok, its Chinese parent company ByteDance has also been accused of having privacy policies that are ambiguous and taking user content without their consent.

The allegation of breach of user data privacy against TikTok is nothing new as similar charges have been brought against several industry heavyweights in recent years. This growing trend is certainly an alarming symptom for millions of internet users all over the world. When it comes to protecting personal information, experts suggest app users take adequate preventive measures, rather than relying too much on the data management policies of the service being used. This is where using a VPN service can make all the difference.

A decentralized VPN service on blockchain, BitVPN is currently one of the most trusted options for the ultimate internet privacy solution. BitVPN protects users from data breaches and cyber attacks with its layers of data encryption and scrambling in a decentralized VPN network. The decentralized structure of BitVPN makes it possible for the users to regain their internet privacy and stay invisible from all kinds of surveillance and censorship. As a result of VPN nodes spread across the world, its decentralized network lasts forever and allows users to bypass firewalls and geo-restrictions.

Some other key features of BitVPN include

• Users can remain hidden and protected even when connected to public Wi-Fi.

• As a result of decentralization, BitVPN cannot access, track, or store the online activities of its users

• All data is generated and distributed amongst users.

• Single points of attack or failure pose no risk at all to the users.

“Following the recent developments related to TikTok, we would like to reassure all our users around that world that they have nothing to worry about,” said Steve, the founder/CEO of BitVPN. “Owing to our decentralized system architecture and layers of data encryption, all of you are free to enjoy the internet just the way you like. We have always been and would remain committed to providing the highest level of data security to our users. So, stop worrying and happy surfing to all of you!”

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About BitVPN: BitVPN is a decentralized VPN service on blockchain offering the ultimate internet privacy solution and ensuring an anonymous online browsing experience for the users. With BitVPN’s decentralized data structure, users can surf, unblock, and stream any content anonymously wherever they are. With layers of data encryption and scrambling in a decentralized VPN network, BitVPN protects users from data breaches and cyber-attacks.

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