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Coronavirus Impacts Lifestyle: Work From Home, Video Games, and Netflix

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has brought the world to a halt. As major cities head towards lockdown, people are working from home and finding respite in video games and Netflix. Popular VPN service BitVPN has come forward with its absolutely encrypted services that aim to make the stay-at-home life of people enjoyable.

Coronavirus Impacts Lifestyle: Work From Home, Video Games, and Netflix

The total number of reported novel coronavirus cases globally has climbed to 194,727. As many as 7,896 people have died and this number is growing exponentially. Keeping the rapid-spreading nature of the disease in mind, governments across the world have issued travel advisories. People are advised to stay indoors, as much as possible.

Malls are shut down. Events are canceled. Companies, including high-profile giants like Google and Microsoft, are asking their employees to work from home. This raises an important question – is working from home safe? Considering the fact that employees will be accessing confidential information from their home network, this could lead to serious data thefts and breaches. A study revealed that 62 percent of data theft victims belong to small and mid-size businesses small and mid-size businesses. On average, small businesses end up spending an average of $38,000 to recover from a single data breach.

Not only this but amid all this lockdown, more and more people are looking upon video games and Netflix to keep themselves engaged and entertained.  A telecom Italia chief executive officer revealed that the shutdown in Italy has led to an increase of more than 70% of internet traffic over the landline network. A major part of this traffic is coming from online gaming like Fortnite. This increased traffic could provide an opportunity for hackers to make their way to your home network and hamper its integrity.

Although lockdown is important to stop coronavirus from spreading, it is equally critical to ensure the safety and security of users online.

A blockchain-based decentralized VPN service, BitVPN has emerged to be one of the most trusted and reliable options. It ensures complete anonymity and security of online users and ensures that their traffic is not intercepted on the web. The service also allows users to watch Netflix and play video games without getting restricted by boundaries. BitVPN protects users from cybercrimes and data breaches and encrypts your data with its advanced encryption techniques and protocols.

The decentralized service of BitVPN enables users to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock the blocked games and Netflix shows, thus eliminating any kind of surveillance and censorship. 

Other features of BitVPN include:

  • Allows users to stay hidden and protected even when they are surfing the internet on public Wi-Fi
  • The decentralized nature of BitVPN prevents the service from accessing, storing, tracking, or revealing the online activities of its users
  • Since the entire system is decentralized, single points of attack could not impact all users
  • Single points of attack or failure pose no risk at all to the users.

“As people are spending more time indoors to prevent community transmission of coronavirus, we would like to assure our users that they can access their favorite video games and Netflix shows without getting blocked”, said Steve, the founder/CEO of BitVPN. He further added “It is the decentralized architecture of our service that makes us completely safe and reliable. Employees can effectively work from home without the fear of any hacker stealing their information. We are committed to your security while ensuring that you have the best internet experience. So, go ahead, and continue surfing with no worries!”

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About BitVPN: BitVPN is a decentralized VPN service based on blockchain. Employing state-of-art encryption techniques and standards, the service aims to make the online browsing experience of the users enjoyable, secure, and safe. BitVPN helps you get over the imposed geo-restrictions on the access of the internet reliably and securely while keeping you protected from any data breaches and cyber-attacks.

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